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Paige is the protagonist of the story, and as such, her tale remains to be written. Paige is an orphaned serf. She has an impossible, ludicrous dream: to one day become A PALADIN, one of the sacred guardians of the Kingdom of Generica. Paige enters into a deal with her master to retrieve a precious object long thought extinct in the hoary bowels of Foukemire, a marsh from which no human has ever returned.

What Paige doesn't realize is... she isn't supposed to come back, she is SUPPOSED to get killed.

It is up to you to intervene and guide her against astronomically impossible odds.

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A young rexen monk in the midst of his species' right of passage: the Muckabout where he must undergo a trial of bravery in order to evolve into adulthood.

The problem is, Yaquai is the weakest of his tribe and having a hard time even defeating a lone human lost in the mire. After a bit of a scuffle, Yaquai turns out to be Paige's first real friend, as both of the poor souls are outcasts trying to prove themselves. Unfortunately, while he has been roaming the marsh, his monastery is burnt to ashes by marauding humans who are expanding rapidly into Rexen territory.

The bond you have with your best pal will be tested by the choices you make in the story. Paige's ALTRUISM and IDEALISM plays a big factor in Yaquai's fate.

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This cheerful young sorcerer hails from the distant desert nation of Exfolia. Everything about Ezram is enigmatic, and not just his strange clothing and accent... he seems to know what is going to happen before if happens. He is investigating an anomaly in Paige's timeline which is blocking the flow of time and space.

If you can master the timing of his astrological spellwheel, Ezram can unleash terrifyingly powerful blasts of magic. The degree to which you improve Paige's OBSERVATION and CONFIDENCE will greatly determine Ezram's fate.

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Intense and reckless, this amazon hunter is desperate to discover the fate of her partner who plummeted into the woods near Fairfax Plantation during a grueling dogfight. Doppio is a powerful ally with a lot of issues to confront and truths to face.

Like all amazons, she can use telekinesis to lift object around her and wields a wickedly powerful folding longbow. The degree to which you improve Paige's SENSITIVITY and SERIOUSNESS will determine if Doppio learns to heal and rebuild her life or is consumed by vengeance.

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Mr. Piff

The humble Pembleton Peabody Piff III is a hamkin, one of the native species of Foukemire who eke out a living by staying away from humankind. He has lived a long and relatively uneventful life, his only real joy being fishing the great marshes of Foukemire. However, a malignant poison leaking from Fairfax Plantation is polluting his beloved river, and he is determined to do something about it despite his years and stature. It is possible the old ham has gone daft, he speaks in riddles and jokes making it difficult to discern when he is being sincere. Paige's HUMOR and RESILIENCE will determine the fate of this old ham.


Legends of Generica

You will experience a chapter of the heroic saga of the Paladins as an introduction to combat mechanics:

bio percy l.png

Sir Beautyman

The Peacemaker. The first paladin of Generica, leader of the Knights of the Shimmering Fist. Percy Beautyman has a mythical reputation for being both noble of birth but defender of the common man and impossibly polite, fair, and irritatingly likable.

He introduces players to basic swordsmanship and the guard system to protect yourself and your allies.

bio mitchell l.png

Sir Mitchell

The Enforcer, Sir Buford Mitchell is the most powerful swordsman in Generica. Mitchell is a stalwart force of justice and swift to punish any transgression with his twin blades of judgment.

He is a great deal faster than Beautyman, and introduces the player to combo systems and chain-strikes.

bio krasker l.png

Sir Krasker

The Transcendent. Sir Henry Krasker is a sage and seer of the highest order and one of the greatest geniuses in history. Well... Generican history anyway.

He is the creator of modern alchemy and capable of catastrophic damage if the player can master his mixing mechanic to configure his alchemical spells.


The Goomby Bay Buccaneers

Marauding the southern coastline lurks a band of sky pirates who are Paige's only hope to traverse the ocean to reach her goal.

bio zane l.png

Captain Zane

Zane is the brash and confident young Captain, only scarcely older than Paige, but devilishly skilled with a sword (or two). As a pirate, he has a natural aversion to the law but he isn't nearly as bad as Paige expected based on reading about pirates.

Zane may or may not join you depending on your choices.

bio strawberry l.png

Mr. Strawberry

The first mate of the Goomby Bay Buccaneers, who is both the muscle and the voice of reason. He is a harpo (Male Harpy) who are generally disliked by humans and thought of as untrustworthy. Strawberry served under the former Captain, Zane's mother, and despite his stern exterior is very protective of the young Captain. Strawberry is a possible companion depending on your choices.

bio rikk l.png

Rikk and Roll

The shipwright and navigator of the Goomby Bay Buccaneers. An incredibly skilled artificer interested in pre-sundering technology. Rikk has engineered a golem which serves as his salvage assistant. Rikk is perpetually whimsical and optimistic, and the idea of chasing down a rainblossom is an offer he can't refuse, even if the rest of the pirates are less than thrilled.

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Orc's name is actually Orc, which is actually a distinct name and not a species name, however humans cannot adequately pronounce their language well enough to make the distinction. Orcs are employed by humans as guards and heavy labor, though they are only marginally sentient. The morality of this is a point of contention in human society, as Orcs seldom seem to understand the contracts they sign.

Denizens of the Marsh

The Kingdom of Generica has rapidly expanded it's territory until reaching it's limit in a swamp known as Foukemire. The marsh is a dangerous and unpredictable place, and a lawless frontier for the few human brave enough to attempt to settle it. Your story takes place here on the very edge of civilization.

bio fairfax l.png

Henry Fairfax

Owner of Fairfax Plantation, Fairfax Publishing, Fairfax Lumbermill, and... Paige. A former Generican soldier, he is now a ruthless businessman which is a life he far prefers. The corporate battleground has far fewer rules that need to be followed. He is a man of traditional values, chief among them wholesome, affordable child labor and exploitation.

He seems to be embroiled in some legal difficulties as he is being investigated by Generican Law enforcement.

There is something very strange going on in the plantation, and you will determine what that is.

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A Rexen of the Largo tribe, and antagonistic rival of Yaquai. Rexen society is built around violence and dominance but there seems to be more than the usual amount of venom between these cousins. He has very little respect for Yaquai and even less for Paige, as human-rexen relations are poor.

Niklim is a problem for sure, but also an important part of Yaquai's growth. How your friend handles this adversary will shape many of the events of his story.

bio butterchubs l.png


Generican caravans have used Tortoisetoga wagons to ferry goods for generations. They aren't particularly intelligent or cheap to feed, but they are extremely loyal to their drivers.

This fellow, known as Butterchubs seems to be waiting for his driver who has gone missing. Paige's investigation of this unravels a much bigger problem than anyone could predict.

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Powerful elemental forces of the Generican wild lands, Archons have been in perpetual conflict with the sentient races for all of recorded history. It is difficult to even comprehend these forces of nature and people can only speculate on their motivations, but they seem to revere the natural cycles of the planet and seek to destroy anything that deviates from it.

As such, if any species starts developing a society, they can expect retribution from the Archons. They cannot be reasoned with or even communicated with and are a direct threat to mankind.